The Gambit Project

Google Summer of Code : Mid Term Evaluation

Mid Term Evaluation The results of the mid term evaluation for GSoC 2016 came out today. I’ve been a bit busy with completing the project and so didn’t have the time to write about my progess in the past few weeks. Strategic Form I started with the very first feature to be implemented, displaying games in... Read more

Google Summer of Code : Week 1

Google Summer of Code : Week 1 Since the community bonding period is still on, this week was low on commits and more on discussing the plans for the project. One day was spent on setting up the earlier version of GTE. The Setup My project was partly motivated for getting over the tedious process of... Read more

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code This is my first blog post in the series where I’ll be posting my updates about GSoC 2016. I’ll start from the beginning. I started doing open source a year back when I was introduced to this awesome campus group SDSLabs, here at IIT Roorkee. I worked on some internal projects, biggest... Read more

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