Google Summer of Code : Week 1

Since the community bonding period is still on, this week was low on commits and more on discussing the plans for the project. One day was spent on setting up the earlier version of GTE.

The Setup

My project was partly motivated for getting over the tedious process of the previous version of GTE. The previous version was in flash and I am yet to understand its code.

The PRs

Meanwhile I also added a feature. It involves making the settings panel draggable. Though there are other things to be implemented but it is a start.

The Future

I was going through this library called circular-json which would help me implement the save/load feature in jsgte. The major problem with saving and loading in jsgte is that the prototypes are circular and end up referencing each other. circular-json tends to overcome this yet there seems to be a bug when I used it in jsgte. Anyways I submitted for an issue with those guys. Lets see if we can find a fix.

That was pretty much it this week. The next week would be more productive in terms of commits I think. I plan to complete the exporting to image formats feature this week and start working on the save/load from json format as well.

Mugs and Glory