Google Summer of Code

This is my first blog post in the series where I’ll be posting my updates about GSoC 2016. I’ll start from the beginning. I started doing open source a year back when I was introduced to this awesome campus group SDSLabs, here at IIT Roorkee. I worked on some internal projects, biggest one being a chess playing platform for the intranet of IIT Roorkee. It mainly involved javascript as the language. I was previously contributing to the Processing foundation. I really liked the work that they were doing and was enjoying the experience. But they didn’t get selected as a GSoC organisation this year. I was introduced to Gambit while I was scrolling through this years organisations selected in GSoC. I found their work interesting and the project quite optimum to my capabilities. I went through the code in the month of March and April and started contributing. I loved interacting with the mentors who were very helpful along the way and since I loved the work that they were offering, I didn’t apply for any other organisation.

The Project

My project revolves around porting the flash version of the Game theory explorer to Javascript which would make further development easier. I have made my proposal open and it can be found here
The github repository containing the current code of the project can be found here. I’m currently in the middle of my community bonding period and am looking forward to an awesome adventure.

It is going to be an interesing summer!